Breeding plans

Eddy had 4 litters at 4 different kennels:
1. Just Enjoy – Bebke de Goude Hollander – litter born at 22-05-2017
2. Vrouwke van het Oude Landras – litter born at 05-11-2017
3. Belle (NHSB 2787053) – litter born at 05-02-2018
4. It Is – It Is Bubbles – Litter born at 06-01-2019

According the breeding rules of the NHC Eddy is allowed to breed 4 times. Because of that sadly it is not possible anymore to use him for variety mix for Dutch Shepherds.
I will not let him breed anymore unless the combination is extraordinary good and has my full interest.

Fourth breeding

2018 November – Vida (It Is Bubbles) from Jaana Haasala. Kennel It Is in Finland from Tiina Kosunen.
Tiina will use frozen semen of Eddy Fly Dogs Attak.
Vida started her heat October 26th 2018 and was inseminated at November 8th 2018.
7 puppy’s born at January 6th 2019
1 male, 6 females

Facebook page from the kennel:

Third breeding

2017 December – Belle from Lia Beek.
Matingday 5th of december 2017
9 puppy’s are born at the 5th of February of 2018
7 males / 2 Females


Second breeding

2017 July/August – Vrouwke van het Oude Landras (Vera) from Danielle Fama
Matingday 4 and 5 september 2017
Puppies born at 5th of november 2017: 9 puppy’s, 2 females and 7 males. All reserved.

First breeding

2017 March – Bebke de Goude Hollander (Joy) from Marjon Zegelaar – Kennel Just Enjoy.
Born at 22nd may 2017: 11 puppy’s (3M/8F), 1 puppy died after being born

fotoshoot 6 juli 2017