Eddy x Joy

March 22nd and 23nd Eddy and Joy were tied for 15 minutes. So these steps were made succesfull.
May 22nd eleven puppies were born. 8 females and 3 males. Unfortunatly 1 female puppy did not survive 🙁


Just Enjoy Aziza Firetip – Isca (female puppy Brown)
Mission ready rescuedog at Brandweerzone Centrum (Belgium)
Paul Leon – Belgium
Just Enjoy Arrowhead Blue – Arrow (male puppy Blue)
Geert Symoen – Belgium
Just Enjoy Arctic Skipper – Jax (male puppy Grey)
Jonne Hienekamp en Jordy
Just Enjoy Argus Meadow – Ace (female puppy Purple)
Alida Hazenhoek
Just Enjoy Arctic Ivallda – Bonji (female puppy Green)
Zoekwerk en outdoorsport
Pars Manas – Spain
Just Enjoy Adina Glasswing – Donna (female puppy Red)
Active housedog
Ellis Breukelaar
Just Enjoy Ayaya Ringlet – Yana (female puppy Pink)
Active housedog
Mariette Langeveld
Just Enjoy Anna Blue – Kaya (female puppy light blue)
Active housedog
Marjan Houben
Just Enjoy Amber Pantom – Ilva (female puppy Yellow)
Active housedog
Lieke van der Vorst
Just Enjoy angled Castor – Castor (male puppy Orange)
Active housedog
Carla en Hans