Eddy x Belle

Belle (NHSB 2787053) 
Arris des Fonds de Gueule x Cira van Treekzicht 
HD (A)
Spondylose free
DNA registered

10 (7 Male/3 Female) puppy’s born at February the 5th 2018. Unfortunatly one female puppy did not make it so now there are 7 males and 2 females left.

Feiko – Wolf (male green)
Nationale Politie (NL) 

Floyd – Jax (male blue)
Saartje Hoffman
Army Belgium – searchdog explosives

Fenya – SheRa (female yellow)
Rian van den Heuvel

Finn – Leo (male light green)
Kees Anthonis

Frouwke – Frouwke (female red)
André Karels
Active housedog

Fender – ? (male red grey)
Lia Beek
Active housedog

Falco -? (male black, grey,white)

Fedde – ? (male black)

Floran – ? (male brown)