Health tests SheRa and Eddy

Today I received the results of the health results of DM and  SDCA 1 & 2 for SheRa and SDCA 1& 2 for Eddy.
All of the tests came back positive, so I am very very happy now!!

Update pedigree names Kennel It Is

Today I updated the website with the pedigree names of the puppies from the E-litter of kennel It Is.
Tiina choose it had to be an Evil litter haha…

It Is Evil Energy (female yellow)
It Is Evil Echo (female Black)
It Is Evil Enough (female Red)
It Is Evil Emotion (female Violet)
It Is Evil Eye (female Turqoise)

It Is Evil Emoji (male Blue)

It Is Evil Ebony (female Green)

Health Results Beda (Eddy x Vera)

WhoopWhoop, and again I am very very proud because Stephanie van den Wouwer of kennel Black ‘n Gold Thunder got the news that Beda (Qato) got HD-A and ED-0 results!! 

So far so good.

I wish Stephanie a lot of succes with Beda and hope she finds Qato a fine breeding partner in the future <3


At sunday 7th of October 2018 Eddy and I travelled to Köln, Germany for an exam Search and Rescue Rubble level B. 

The day started with the searchwork at an rubble site that was challenging for Eddy. Victims where found by Eddy in big, deep concreed tube, in a dark place where Eddy crawled his way inside to get near the victim and the last victim was on a high container. The wind blew she scent totally far away into the site, so that was hard to locate the victim for Eddy but finally he started his alert and we could call in the alert to the judge. 

In the midday we had to report for the obedience. At a small field with a few trees in the middle, and IPO blinds where the excersize at the sending to the tables took place. It was a BIG challenge… but Eddy and I succeed, yeay!!

We passed our rubble B test with 256 points!! YEAY!!

Health results Isca (Eddy x Joy), Wolf (Eddy x Belle)

Yeay!!! Today I got the news from Paul Leon that Isca has been medically checked at the hips, ellbows, and her back. She has been tested in Belgium at the university Merelbeke where the examiners where very positive at how Isca is build. Nice bones and good stability, hips are qualified as HD-A. No further official results as she will not be used to breed, but the check up is for the proffesion.
Very proud because it is an other step in the career of Paul and Isca at the fire departement for Search and Rescue dog.

So I am very proud of these results as Paul is the second with good results.

A few weeks ago I received news about Wolf (Eddy x Belle) who is medically checked and approved for a proffesional job at the Dutch Police Force.

Extremely proud because now there is:

1 offspring of Eddy in duty at the Belgium Fire Departement,

1 offspring is in duty at the Belgium Army and

1 offspring is in duty at the Dutch National Police Force. 

new litterplanning

So… we are up for a new challenge…
Tiina Kosunen from kennel It Is from Finland was interested in Eddy Fly Dogs Attak as a stud for a female from her kennel It Is Bubbles (Vida) of owner Jaana Haasala.
But not a breeding as we are ‘used’ to… hahaha… for this breeding I will take Eddy to the CryoLab in Eersel to let some of his seemen be frozen and send to Finland.
Vida will be in heat round mid November. So keep the fingers crossed 😉
Vida is a very nice female, trained by Jaana Haasala. She work her in Obedience and does a nice job. Vida likes to work for Jaana. She is not a nervous minded dog, so I feel a lot for this combination <3
If you want to know ore of this combination check the page ‘Breedingplans’ where you find a link to the working dog pages, website of kennel It Is and facebookpage of kennel It Is. Have fun!


In the weekend of 9th of September our SAR group the Polderspeurders organised a water rescue exam.
Eddy and I trained well this year and because I was so satisfied of the excersizes we participated and yeay we passed our water exam level A.

WCH Dutch Shepherds IPO-R

in the weekend from 3 until 6 May 2018 the World Championship Dutch Shepherds took place in the Netherlands. I am very proud what I achieved. First of all I took the whole organisation of the IPO-R and managed to arange it with a nice network of SAR friends.
I think we organised it well and hope it will be organised for next year by some one else in the next country.

Then also very extremely proud of my Dutchie Eddy Fly Dogs Attak. Even though I was very nervous and way too busy he managed to stay focused and we passed our first areasearch level B test!! Yeay!!
As a matter of fact he made it to the third place… So proud!!