At sunday 7th of October 2018 Eddy and I travelled to Köln, Germany for an exam Search and Rescue Rubble level B. 

The day started with the searchwork at an rubble site that was challenging for Eddy. Victims where found by Eddy in big, deep concreed tube, in a dark place where Eddy crawled his way inside to get near the victim and the last victim was on a high container. The wind blew she scent totally far away into the site, so that was hard to locate the victim for Eddy but finally he started his alert and we could call in the alert to the judge. 

In the midday we had to report for the obedience. At a small field with a few trees in the middle, and IPO blinds where the excersize at the sending to the tables took place. It was a BIG challenge… but Eddy and I succeed, yeay!!

We passed our rubble B test with 256 points!! YEAY!!

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