Health results Isca (Eddy x Joy), Wolf (Eddy x Belle)

Yeay!!! Today I got the news from Paul Leon that Isca has been medically checked at the hips, ellbows, and her back. She has been tested in Belgium at the university Merelbeke where the examiners where very positive at how Isca is build. Nice bones and good stability, hips are qualified as HD-A. No further official results as she will not be used to breed, but the check up is for the proffesion.
Very proud because it is an other step in the career of Paul and Isca at the fire departement for Search and Rescue dog.

So I am very proud of these results as Paul is the second with good results.

A few weeks ago I received news about Wolf (Eddy x Belle) who is medically checked and approved for a proffesional job at the Dutch Police Force.

Extremely proud because now there is:

1 offspring of Eddy in duty at the Belgium Fire Departement,

1 offspring is in duty at the Belgium Army and

1 offspring is in duty at the Dutch National Police Force. 

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