new litterplanning

So… we are up for a new challenge…
Tiina Kosunen from kennel It Is from Finland was interested in Eddy Fly Dogs Attak as a stud for a female from her kennel It Is Bubbles (Vida) of owner Jaana Haasala.
But not a breeding as we are ‘used’ to… hahaha… for this breeding I will take Eddy to the CryoLab in Eersel to let some of his seemen be frozen and send to Finland.
Vida will be in heat round mid November. So keep the fingers crossed 😉
Vida is a very nice female, trained by Jaana Haasala. She work her in Obedience and does a nice job. Vida likes to work for Jaana. She is not a nervous minded dog, so I feel a lot for this combination <3
If you want to know ore of this combination check the page ‘Breedingplans’ where you find a link to the working dog pages, website of kennel It Is and facebookpage of kennel It Is. Have fun!

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